My Dear Prophet Sam Olu Alo, After 30 years, I finally got my Green Card. Yes, I received my Green card in my hand on May 7th, 2021 after 30 years. On April 7th, 2021, I send an email to your ministry for a “prayer request for my daughter’s sickness and a prayer request that I have a court case coming up for my Green card approval. Please pray that the judge grant the approval of my green card” On April, 26th 2021, my Green Card was approved by the immigration judge, and by May 7th, 2021 my Green Card was delivered to me. Since December of 1988, when I first set foot in the United State, I have not been able to come back to Nigeria. During that period, I lost my mother and my father and was not able to come back home and bury them. I was humiliated and ashamed and did not know how I survived the humiliation and shame. The Almighty God, Alpha and Omega, King of kings and Lord of lords Has delivered me from affliction and sorrows upon sorrows and Has given me a mighty testimony! Glory be to His name. Thanks so much for your online prayer ministry. God Has used your ministry to turn my life completely around. I got to know your online ministry through my sister-in-law currently living in Canada who shared this year’s 41days vigil with me. My first online encounter with you was on day 11 of the 41 days vigil. since then, I have been one of your faithful followers and have not missed any of your 11 PM (Nigerian time) online prayers. I have learned so much about the power of prayer and the power of God in the short time I have been listening to your ministry. You have renewed my faith in God and completely changed my prayer life around for good. Although I was baptized and raised in Christ Apostolic Church and my mother was Asoju ijo. After graduating from college, I left for another denomination, but now you have brought me back home to my Christ Apostolic Church root. May almighty God continue to strengthen and sustain you. May God will continue to enlarge your territories. I pray that Almighty God will continue to shower you with divine wisdom and that His anointing will overflow in your life so that you will continue to grow in the revelation of the mystery hidden in the Gospel. Sir, my first trip to Nigeria will be to come and visit you. My daughter, my only daughter is still in bondage to sickness (mental illness). I am praying that God will do mighty Mirakle in her life.
To God be thy Glory. The God of my Father Prophet Sam Olu Alo who answer Prayers and Merciful. Two weeks after I purchased 3 Destiny Helper Books. I receive the God Favor and Blessings of God. Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah
During one of the programmes last year, Daddy said God will give some people ‘oore ti o n’igbimo’. Before then, someone had promised my son a job but put on hold because of the pandemic. Other people in the office lobbied the GM to bring their people but the GM said no. My son was invited for interview in April and has since started. But the battle became hotter. The weekend he was to start work, he landed in the hospital and on the second day of work, it was God that delivered him from death when he ran out of breath. He wrote on the third day to defer his assumption and he has since gone back to work. I give all the glory to God.
My Son used to complain about his school, which made me plan to change his school, and he is also lacking behind in class performance, also I had a bad dream about 3 out of all my 4 children, due to this I make effort to meet Prophet Sam Olu Alo about my children and the dream I had about them. Daddy said I should look for my children’s age mate and give them whatever I have as a gift, so I did all Prophet ask me to do and the prophet also prays for my children. To my amazement, he started picking interest in his study and they are all doing well in their studies.
I thank the Lord of Prophet Sam Olu Alo for breakthrough on stagnation. I got a job that pays me more money than l have ever made. Thanks be to God.
I give thanks to God for allowing me to come across this program online . Since the day I’ve been watching and following prophet Sam my life’s not remains the same .. eating in the dreams had gone ,sex in the dreams, addiction had gone , demonic thought had gone . Ever since I believe all my battles have been won in Jesus name Prophet sam olu Alo you’ll not get tired in Jesus name coz you’ve been a blessing to nation’s my testimonies are permanently in Jesus name amen
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